5B10.35 - Electrostatic Ping-Pong

Electrostatic ping-pong

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PIRA Classification: 5B10.35

Description: A Wimshurst machine is connected to parallel aluminum plates. A ping pong ball coated with conducting paint is suspended between the plates. The plates are charged up (with opposite charge) and the ball is sent swinging. The ball is initially attracted to one plate by induction, but is repelled when it comes in contact. When the charge on the ball switches sign, it is attracted to the other plate. This process continues. The ball will continue to oscillate for some time after the production of static charge is stopped.

Special Instructions: Make sure to crank the Wimshurst machine in the correct direction. An arrow on the handle indicates this direction.

Condition: Good

Setup time: 1 minute

Safety Issues: Make sure to discharge the Wimshurst machine properly or you could receive a shock.