Change of State

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PVT Surfaces

4C10.10 - PVT Surfaces

Phase Changes: Liquid-Solid

4C20.20 - Ice Bomb
4C20.40 - Freezing Liquid Nitrogen
4C20.54 - Heat of Fusion of Water

Phase Changes: Liquid-Gas

4C30.10 - Boiling by Cooling
4C30.35 - Burst a Balloon
4C30.40 - Heat of Vaporization of Water
4C30.80 - Making Liquid Oxygen
4C30.82 - Liquification of Air Under Pressure

Cooling by Evaporation

4C31.10 - Cryophorous
4C31.30 - Drinking Bird
4C31.50 - Wet Thermocouple


4C40.10 - Frozen Carbon Dioxide

Critical Point

4C50.20 - Critical Opalescence