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Interference from Two Sources

6D10.10 - Double Slits and Laser
6D10.25 - Microwave Two Source Interference


6D20.10 - Multiple Slits
6D20.15 - Gratings and Laser
6D20.20 - Projected Spectra with Grating
6D20.32 - Compact Disc Grating
6D20.50 - Crossed Gratings and Laser
6D20.58 - Optical Simulation of Electron Diffraction

Thin Films

6D30.10 - Newton's Rings
6D30.20 - Soap Film Interference
6D30.30 - Air Wedge


6D40.10 - Michelson Interferometer
6D40.25 - Microwave Interferometer
6D40.35 - Fabry-Perot Interferometer