Nuclear Physics

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7D10.10 - Geiger Counter and Samples
7D10.12 - Fiestaware Plate
7D10.13 - Radioactive vs. Irradiated Salt
7D10.20 - Half Life with Isotope Generator
7D10.60 - Range and Absorption

Nuclear Reactions

7D20.10 - Mousetraps
7D20.20 - Dominoes Chain Reaction

Particle Detectors

7D30.08 - Counting Statistics
7D30.20 - Alpha Detector
7D30.30 - Magnetic Deflection of Beta Rays
7D30.60 - Diffusion Cloud Chamber
7D30.90 - Model Mass Spectrometer


7D40.20 - Air Bearing NMR
7D40.40 - Nuclear Magnetic Resonance

Models of the Nucleus

7D50.10 - Rutherford Scattering Model
7D50.30 - Thompson Model of the Atom
7D50.46 - Mass Defect