Wave Motion

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Transverse Waves and Pulses

3B10.05 - The Wave - Transverse
3B10.10 - Pulse on a Spring
3B10.20 - Slinky on the Table
3B10.30 - Bell Labs Wave Model
3B10.63 - Ripple Tank
3B10.75 - Pendulum Waves
3B10.76 - Spring Waves *NEW!*

Longitudinal Waves and Pulses

3B20.05 - The Wave - Longitudinal
3B20.10 - Hanging Slinky
3B20.30 - Springy Snow Fence
3B20.60 - Speed of Particles vs. Waves

Standing Waves

3B22.10 - Melde's Standing Wave Machine
3B22.30 - Bell Labs Standing Waves
3B22.50 - Hanging Slinky Standing Waves

Impedance and Dispersion

3B25.10 - Impedance Matching
3B25.20 - Reflections - Bell Labs
3B25.40 - Music Box Mechanism on White Board
3B25.55 - Space Phone

Compound Waves

3B27.10 - Slinky and Pop Cans
3B27.15 - Wave Superposition - Bell Labs Model

Wave Properties of Sound

3B30.05 - Microphone and Scope
3B30.10 - Speed of Sound by Phase Difference
3B30.20 - Direct Speed of Sound
3B30.30 - Bell in a Vacuum
3B30.40 - Candle and Speaker
3B30.60 - Speed of Sound in Rod and Air

Phase and Group Velocity

3B33.10 - Group Velocity on Scope
3B33.21 - Phase and Group Velocity with Bars

Transfer of Energy in Waves

3B39.10 - Water Wave Model

Doppler Effect

3B40.10 - Doppler Buzzer
3B40.60 - Doppler Effect in Ripple Tank
3B40.80 - Doppler Effect in LabVIEW

Shock Waves

3B45.15 - Shock Waves in Ripple Tank
3B45.61 - Whip

Interference and Diffraction

3B50.10 - Ripple Tank - Single Slit
3B50.20 - Ripple Tank - Double Point
3B50.25 - Ripple Tank - Double Slit
3B50.40 - Moire Pattern Transparencies
3B50.50 - Double Slit Transparency

Interference of Sound

3B55.10 - Speaker Bar
3B55.40 - Trombone
3B55.47 - Interference of Speakers


3B60.10 - Beat Forks
3B60.15 - Beat Whistles
3B60.18 - Organ Pipe Beats
3B60.20 - Beats on Scope

Coupled Resonators

3B70.10 - Sympathetic Resonance
3B70.20 - Coupled Speaker and Tuning Fork