Motion in Two Dimensions

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Displacement in Two Dimensions

1D10.40 - Mounted Wheel
1D10.50 - Ball on Edge of Disc

Velocity, Position and Acceleration

1D15.20 - High Road; Low Road

Motion of the Center of Mass

1D40.10 - Throw Objects
1D40.16 - Spinning Cylinder
1D40.21 - Air Supported Dumbbell
1D40.35 - Earth/Moon System

Central Forces

1D50.10 - Ball on String
1D50.20 - Whirligig
1D50.25 - Conical Pendulum
1D50.26 - Pig on a String
1D50.38 - Snapping Pendulum
1D50.40 - Pail of Bolts
1D50.55 - Centripetal Acceleration at Different Radii
1D50.60 - Banked Curve
1D50.70 - Rolling Chain
1D50.90 - Vernier Centripetal Force Apparatus

Deformation by Central Forces

1D52.10 - Flattening Earth
1D52.20 - Water Parabola

Centrifugal Escape

1D55.10 - Broken Ring
1D55.11 - The Big Omega
1D55.12 - Centrifugal Circle
1D55.15 - Release Ball on String
1D55.20 - Sparks from a Grinding Wheel
1D55.30 - Falling Off the Merry-Go-Round

Projectile Motion

1D60.05 - Ball to Throw
1D60.10 - Howitzer and Tunnel
1D60.15 - Howitzer and Tunnel on Incline
1D60.16 - Howitzer with Mass and Pulley
1D60.20 - Simultaneous Fall
1D60.30 - Monkey and Hunter
1D60.40 - Range of a Gun