Properties of Matter

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Hooke's Law

1R10.10 - Stretching a Spring
1R10.25 - Stretching a Horizontal Spring
1R10.30 - Springs in Series and Parallel

Tensile and Compressive Stress

1R20.10 - Breaking a Wire
1R20.20 - Bending Beam
1R20.22 - Flexible I-Beam

Shear Stress

1R30.30 - Spring Cube

Coefficient of Restitution

1R40.10 - Bouncing Balls
1R40.15 - Atomic Trampoline
1R40.30  -Dead and Live Balls

Crystal Structure

1R50.20 - Crystal Models
1R50.40 - Crystal Fault Model
1R50.45 - Crushing Salt