Statics of Fluids

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Static Pressure

2B20.10 - Pressure Independent of Direction
2B20.15 - Pressure vs. Depth
2B20.16 - Water vs. Alcohol
2B20.20 - Dropping Plate
2B20.40 - Pascal's Vases
2B20.60 - Hydraulic Press
2B20.61 - Two Syringes

Atmospheric Pressure

2B30.05 - Brass Bar
2B30.10 - Crush the Gallon Can
2B30.15 - Crush the Pop Can
2B30.25 - Crush the Can with Pump
2B30.30 - Magdeburg Hemispheres
2B30.36 - Suction Cup
2B30.45 - Card on Inverted Glass
2B30.50 - Lift a Stool
2B30.60 - Stick and Newspaper
2B30.70 - Vacuum Bazooka

Density and Buoyancy

2B40.10 - Weigh Submerged Block
2B40.14 - Measuring Buoyant Force
2B40.15 - Finger in Beaker
2B40.20 - Archimede's Principle
2B40.45 - Weight of Air
2B40.50 - Poly Density Bottle
2B40.57 - Density of Pop (Soda)
2B40.85 - Density Balls in Sand

Siphons, Fountains and Pumps

2B60.20 - Siphon