Statics of Rigid Bodies

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Finding Center of Mass

1J10.10 - Map of State
1J10.20 - Loaded Beam - Moving Scales
1J10.25 - Center of Mass of a Broom
1J10.28 - Center of Mass Pipe
1J10.30 - Meter Stick on Fingers

Exceeding the Center of Mass

1J11.10 - Leaning Tower of Pisa
1J11.13 - Leaning Tower
1J11.15 - Tipping Block on Incline
1J11.20 - Stacking Blocks
1J11.50 - Double Cone

Stable, Unstable and Neutral Equilibrium

1J20.11 - Balance the Cone
1J20.15 - Block on Cylinder
1J20.17 - Block on Curved Surfaces
1J20.25 - Twelve Nails on One
1J20.30 - Sky Hook
1J20.31 - Hinged Stick Paradox
1J20.32 - Spoon on Nose
1J20.40 - Balancing Man
1J20.45 - Tightrope Walking
1J20.60 - Wine Butler
1J20.65 - Balancing Pop Can

Resolution of Forces

1J30.10 - Suspended Block
1J30.12 - Cart on Incline
1J30.15 - Normal Force
1J30.20 - Tension in a String
1J30.24 - Tension in a String II
1J30.25 - Rope and Three Students
1J30.26 - Rope and Three Weights
1J30.50 - Whiteboard Force Table

Static Torque

1J40.10 - Grip Bar
1J40.21 - Hinged Board
1J40.22 - Torque Beam
1J40.24 - Walking the Plank
1J40.25 - Torque Wheel
1J40.40 - Loaded Beam
1J40.42 - Equilibrium of Forces and Torques
1J40.70 - Crane Boom
1J40.71 - "Ye Olde Inn" Sign
1J40.75 - Arm Model