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Producing Static Charge

5A10.10 - Rods, Fur and Silk
5A10.20 - Electrophorous

Coulomb's Law

5A20.10 - Rods and Pivot
5A20.20 - Coulomb's Law with Pith Balls
5A20.28 - Beer Can Pith Balls

Conductors and Insulators

5A30.10 - Wire vs. String

Induced Charge

5A40.15 - Charging by Induction
5A40.20 - Charged Propelled Cylinder
5A40.30 - 2" x 4"
5A40.35 - Metal Rod Attraction
5A40.40 - Deflect a Water Stream

Electrostatic Machines

5A50.10 - Wimshurst Machine
5A50.30 - van de Graaff Generator
5A50.31 - Hand-Cranked van de Graaff Generator