Quantum Effects

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Photoelectric Effect

7A10.10 - Photoelectric Effect in Aluminum
7A10.12 - Photoelectric Charging
7A10.16 - Photoelectric Effect with Neon Lamp
7A10.30 - Stopping Potential
7A10.40 - Solar Cells
7A10.99 - Fox Trot Cartoon

Band Gaps

7A30.10 - Cooling LEDs with Liquid Nitrogen

Wave Mechanics

7A50.40 - Vibrating Circular Wire

X-Ray and Electron Diffraction

7A60.10 - Electron Diffraction
7A60.15 - Miller Indices
7A60.25 - Optical Analog of X-Ray Diffraction - DNA
7A60.50 - Microwave Bragg Diffraction

Condensed Matter

7A70.20 - Quantum Levitation and Flux Pinning