Atomic Physics

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7B10.10 - Student Gratings and Line Sources
7B10.13 - Spectrum of Laser - Inside and Out
7B10.20 - Project Spectral Lines - Hg
7B10.22 - Project Spectral Lines - Prism


7B11.10 - Sodium Absorption/Emission
7B11.25 - Spectral Absorption by Sodium Vapor
6F10.55 - Band Absorption Spectrum

Resonance Radiation

7B13.51 - Fluorescence and Phosphorescence
7B13.52 - Quantum Dots

Fine Splitting

7B20.10 - Zeeman Effect
7B20.30 - Electron Spin Resonance

Ionizing Potential

7B30.20 - Franck-Hertz Experiment with Neon

Electron Properties

7B35.40 - Maltese Cross
7B35.50 - Paddle Wheel
7B35.75 - Plasma Globe

Atomic Models

7B50.10 - Electron Orbital Models
7B50.50 - Periodic Table