Geometrical Optics

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Speed of Light

6A01.10 - Speed of Light - Moving Reflector
6A01.13 - Speed of Light - Fiber Optics

Straight Line Propagation of Light

6A02.10 - Light in a Vacuum
6A02.15 - Straight Line Propagation - Shadows

Reflections from Flat Surfaces

6A10.11 - White Board Optics - Flat Mirror
6A10.15 - Laser and Flat Mirror
6A10.22 - Aluminum Foil Reflection
6A10.30 - Corner Cube Reflector
6A10.40 - Hinged Mirrors
6A10.41 - True Mirror
6A10.45 - Infinity Mirror
6A10.60 - Cold Candle
6A10.61 - Peppergram

Reflections from Curved Surfaces

6A20.11 - White Board Optics with Curved Mirrors
6A20.15 - Parallel Lasers and Curved Mirrors
6A20.35 - Optic Mirage
6A20.40 - Projected Arrow with Curved Mirror
6A20.41 - Projected Filament with Curved Mirror

Refractive Index

6A40.11 - Apparent Depth on Overhead
6A40.30 - Disappearing Beaker
6A40.34 - Laser Tape Measure

Refraction at Flat Surfaces

6A42.11 - White Board Optics with Glass Block
6A42.21 - Nakamara Refraction Tank
6A42.40 - Penny in a Cup
6A42.45 - Broken Stick
6A42.55 - Paraffin Prism and Microwaves

Total Internal Reflection

6A44.11 - White Board Optics with Prism, Semi Circle
6A44.40 - Laser and Fiber Optics
6A44.42 - Steal the Signal
6A44.47 - Milk Jug Light Pipe

Thin Lens

6A60.11 - White Board Optics with Thin Lens
6A60.20 - Parallel Lasers with Lens
6A60.30 - Projected Filament with Lens
6A60.31 - Projected Arrow with Lens
6A60.60 - Paraffin Lens with Microwaves


6A61.20 - Pinhole Camera

Thick Lens

6A65.40 - Spherical Aberration
6A65.41 - Spherical Aberration - White Board Optics
6A65.52 - Water Lens
6A65.57 - Cylindrical Water Lens
6A65.70 - Fresnel Lens
6A65.71 - Fresnel Lens - Energy at the Focal Point

Optical Instruments

6A70.10 - Microscope Model
6A70.90 - Cloaking Device