Rotational Dynamics

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Moment of Inertia

1Q10.10 - Inertia Wands and Students
1Q10.30 - Ring, Disc and Sphere
1Q10.35 - All Discs Roll the Same
1Q10.40 - Racing Discs
1Q10.41 - Moment of Inertia Spools
1Q10.50 - Racing Soups
1Q10.99 - Sliding vs. Rolling

Rotational Energy

1Q20.10 - Adjustable Angular Momentum
1Q20.18 - Racing Pendula
1Q20.40 - Flywheel Car
1Q20.50 - Faster than 'g'
1Q20.60 - Falling Meter Sticks
1Q20.99 - Tabletop Trebuchet

Transfer of Angular Momentum

1Q30.10 - Passing the Wheel
1Q30.20 - Drop Bags o' Rice
1Q30.30 - Catch the Bag of Rice

Conservation of Angular Momentum

1Q40.10 - Rotating Stool and Weights
1Q40.20 - Squeezatron
1Q40.22 - Rotating Hoberman Sphere
1Q40.25 - Pulling on the Whirligig
1Q40.30 - Rotating Stool and Bicycle Wheel
1Q40.57 - Colliding Hover Pucks
1Q40.80 - Hero's Engine
1L20.10 - Gravitational Well Model


1Q50.10 - Precessing Disc
1Q50.20 - Demo Gyroscope
1Q50.24 - Walking the Wheel
1Q50.25 - Double Disc Gyro
1Q50.30 - MITAC Gyro
1Q50.35 - Gyro in Gimbals
1Q50.40 - Suitcase Gyro
1Q50.55 - Wobbly Earth

Rotational Stability

1Q60.10 - Bicycle Wheel Top
1Q60.15 - Humming Top
1Q60.25 - Euler's Disc
1Q60.30 - Tippe Top
1Q60.40 - Tossing the Book