Dynamics of Fluids

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Flow Rate

2C10.10 - Velocity of Efflux
2C10.25 - Eye-Dropper Velocity

Forces in Moving Fluids

2C20.10 - Bernoulli Tubes
2C20.20 - Atomizer
2C20.27 - Venturi Meter with Ping-Pong Balls
2C20.30 - Floating Beach Ball
2C20.35 - Ball and Funnel
2C20.40 - Lifting Plate
2C20.47 - Attracting Bowling Balls
2C20.60 - Curve Ball
2C20.70 - Bjerknes' Tube
2C20.75 - Bernoulli Pen Barrel
2C20.80 - Flettner Rotator


2C30.50 - Terminal Velocity in Water and Glycerin
2C30.65 - Terminal Velocity with Coffee Filters

Turbulent and Streamline Flow

2C40.20 - Streamline Flow - Blowing Out Candle
2C40.25 - Poiseuille Flow


2C50.10 - Smoke Ring
2C50.18 - Airzooka
2C50.30 - Tornado Tube

Non-Newtonian Fluids

2C60.30 - Corn Starch
2C60.40 - Silly Putty