Electromagnetic Induction

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Induced Currents and Forces

5K10.10 - Sliding Rail
5K10.15 - Wire, Magnet and Galvanometer
5K10.16 - Hard-Drive Model
5K10.20 - Induction Coil with Magnet and Galvanometer
5K10.21 - 20/40/80 Turn Coils with Magnet
5K10.25 - Coil, Lamp and Magnet
5K10.27 - Faraday's Flashlight
5K10.30 - Induction Coils with Battery
5K10.40 - Induction Coils with Core
5K10.51 - Induction Coils with Radio

Eddy Currents

5K20.12 - Pendulum in Large Permanent Magnet
5K20.15 - Eddy Damped Pendulum
5K20.20 - Eddy Current Guillotine
5K20.24 - Eddy Current Rods
5K20.25 - Magnet in Eddy Tubes
5K20.26 - Lenz's Law Rings
5K20.27 - Neodymium Magnet and Copper Sheet
5K20.29 - Liquid Nitrogen Cooled Copper Plate and Magnet
5K20.30 - Jumping Ring
5K20.32 - Levitating Coil
5K20.44 - Eddy Current Levitator
5K20.50 - Rotating Ball


5K30.20 - Demountable Transformer
5K30.30 - Vertical Transformer
5K30.35 - Light Underwater
5K30.40 - Weld a Nail
5K30.50 - Jacob's Ladder
5K30.54 - Magnetic Shunt

Motors and Generators

5K40.10 - DC Motor
5K40.11 - Demonstration DC Motor
5K40.20 - DC and AC Generator on Galvanometer
5K40.25 - DC and AC Generator on Scope
5K40.40 - Motor/Generator
5K40.41 - Generator and Capacitor
5K40.45 - Coupled Motor/Generator
5K40.80 - Hand Cranked Generator