Magnetic Fields and Forces

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Magnetic Fields

5H10.20 - Oersted's Effect
5H10.22 - Oersted's Effect on Overhead
5H10.30 - Magnet and Iron Filings

Fields and Current

5H15.10 - Iron Filings Around Wire
5H15.20 - Parallel Wires and Filings
5H15.25 - Anti-Parallel Wires and Filings
5H15.40 - Solenoid and Filings
5H15.46 - Helmholtz Coils
5H15.50 - Toroid and Filings

Forces on Magnets

5H20.10 - Magnets and Pivot
5H20.15 - Snap the Lines of Force
5H20.20 - Levitation Magnets

Magnet/Electromagnet Interactions

5H25.10 - Magnet in a Coil
5H25.20 - Jumping Magnet
5H25.25 - Force on a Solenoid Core
5H25.73 - Magnetically Suspended Globe

Force on Moving Charges

5H30.10 - CRT and Magnet
5H30.15 - Bending an Electron Beam
5H30.20 - e/m Tube
5M10.10 - Hall Effect
7D30.90 - Model Mass Spectrometer

Forces on Current Carrying Wires

5H40.10 - Parallel Wires
5H40.11 - Parallel Wires on Overhead
5H40.15 - Interacting Coils
5H40.23 - Vibrating Lamp Filament
5H40.30 - Jumping Straight Wire
5H40.35 - Jumping Coil of Wire
5H40.71 - Ampere's Motor

5H40.72 - Mendocino Motor

Torques on Coils

5H50.20 - Torque on a Current Loop
5H50.30 - Interacting Rotating Coils