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Simple Pendulum

3A10.10 - Simple Pendulum
3A10.14 - 4:1 Pendula
3A10.15 - Bowling Ball Pendulum
3A10.17 - Different Mass Pendula
3A10.20 - Upside Down Pendulum
3A10.21 - Metronome as a Pendulum
3A10.30 - Torsion Pendulum

Physical Pendula

3A15.10 - Oscillating State
3A15.20 - Oscillation Bar
3A15.25 - Oscillating Hoop
3A15.30 - Paddle Oscillator
3A15.50 - Sweet Spot
3A15.57 - Sweet Spot of a Meter Stick

Springs and Oscillators

3A20.10 - Mass on a Spring
3A20.14 - 4:1 Mass on a Spring
3A20.35 - Cart Between Springs
3A20.40 - Roller Cart and Spring

Simple Harmonic Motion

3A40.10 - Circular Motion vs. Mass on a Spring
3A40.20 - Circular Motion vs. Pendulum
3A40.50 - SHM with Motion Detector

Damped Oscillators

3A50.10 - Dash Pot
3A50.21 - Damped Roller Cart and Spring
3A50.45 - Oscillating Guillotine

Driven Mechanical Resonance

3A60.10 - Tacoma Narrows Video
3A60.20 - Driven Low-Friction Cart
3A60.30 - Barton's Pendula
3A60.43 - Hand-Driven Mass on Spring
3A60.44 - Drunken Sailor
3A60.51 - Resonance Rods

Coupled Oscillations

3A70.10 - Wilberforce Pendulum
3A70.15 - Swinging Mass on a Spring
3A70.20 - Coupled Pendula
3A70.25 - Spring Coupled Pendula
3A70.30 - String Coupled Pendula
3A70.35 - Double-Simple Pendula

Normal Modes

3A75.10 - Coupled Harmonic Oscillators
3A75.13 - Air Track Chain

Lissajous Figures

3A80.10 - Lissajous Sand Pendulum
3A80.20 - Lissajous Figures on Scope

Non-Linear Systems

3A95.50 - Chaos Pendula
3A95.51 - Chaos Hoop
3A95.52 - Chaos Motor