Heat and the First Law

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Heat Capacity and Specific Heat

4B10.10 - Water and Aluminum on the Hot Plate
4B10.15 - Water and Oil on the Hot Plate
4B10.20 - Mixing Water


4B20.10 - Convection Tube
4B20.20 - Two Chimney Convection Box
4B20.25 - Convection Chimney
4B20.40 - Convection Currents
4B20.45 - Burn Your Hand
4B20.50 - Barnard Cell


4B30.10 - Dropping Balls
4B30.25 - Four Rods
4B30.30 - Copper and Stainless Tubes
4B30.35 - Toilet Seats
4B30.37 - Ice Melting Blocks
4B30.50 - Heat Propagation in Copper Rod


4B40.10 - Light the Match
4B40.30 - Leslie's Cube
4B40.40 - Radiation Aborption
4B40.50 - Selective Transmission and Absorption

Heat Transfer Applications

4B50.10 - Four Thermos Bottles
4B50.25 - Water Balloon Heat Capacity
4B50.30 - Leidenfrost Effect
4B50.40 - Reverse Leidenfrost Effect
4B50.60 - Greenhouse Effect

Mechanical Equivalent of Heat

4B60.11 - Lead Shot in Tube
4B60.15 - Hammer on Wood
4B60.20 - Mechanical Equivalent of Heat

Adiabatic Processes

4B70.10 - Fire Syringe
4B70.25 - Big Expansion Cloud Chamber
4B70.30 - Adiabatic Heating and Cooling