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Dichroic Polarization

6H10.10 - Polaroids on the Overhead
6H10.12 - Malus' Law
6H10.20 - Microwave Polarization

Polarization by Reflection

6H20.10 - Brewster's Angle
6H20.50 - Conductor vs. Dielectric

Circular Polarization

6H30.10 - Three Polaroids
6H30.15 - Microwave Rotation
6H30.40 - Karo Corn Syrup
6H30.42 - Optical Activity in Corn Syrup - Quantitative
6H30.80 - Faraday Rotation


6H35.15 - Birefringent Crystal
6H35.50 - Stress Plastic
6H35.53 - Butterfly, Etc...

Polarization by Scattering

6H50.10 - Sunset with Polarizer