Applications of Newton's Laws

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Dynamic Torque

1K10.10 - Tipping Block
1K10.20 - Ladder Against a Wall
1K10.30 - Walking the Spool
1K10.50 - Rolling Uphill


1K20.05 - Washboard Friction Model
1K20.10 - Friction Block - Surface Materials
1K20.15 - Weight Dependence of Friction
1K20.20 - Area Dependence of Friction
1K20.23 - Temperature Increase Caused by Friction
1K20.25 - Phone Book Friction
1K20.30 - Static vs. Sliding Friction
1K20.35 - Angle of Repose
1K20.40 - Front and Rear Brakes
1K20.42 - Friction Roller
1K20.45 - Friction Oscillator
1K20.60 - Sliding Chain