Electromagnetic Radiation

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Transmission Lines and Antennas

5N10.30 - Propagation Velocity in Coax Cable
5N10.40 - Reflections in Coax Cable
5N10.60 - Dipole Radiation
5N10.70 - Displacement Current*
5N10.90 - Radio Waves from a Spark

Tesla Coils

5N20.10 - Hand-Held Induction Coil
5N20.30 - Plasma Globe
5N20.40 - Tesla Coil
5N20.50 - Light Fluorescent Bulb

Electromagnetic Spectrum

5N30.10 - Projected Spectrum with Prism
5N30.30 - Microwave Transmitter and Receiver
5N30.35 - Microwave Absorption with Water
5N30.45 - Visible and IR Spectrum
5N30.50 - IR Camera and Remote Control
5N30.53 - Wavelength of a Remote Control
5N30.56 - Hearing IR