DC Circuits

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Ohm's Law

5F10.10 - Ohm's Law

Power and Energy

5F15.10 - Electrical Equivalent of Heat
5F15.35 - Fuse with Increasing Load
5F15.45 - Power Losses

Circuit Analysis

5F20.10 - Kirchoff's Voltage Law
5F20.15 - Continuity of Current
5F20.20 - Superposition of Current
5F20.45 - Light Bulb Wheatstone Bridge
5F20.50 - Series and Parallel Light Bulbs
5F20.55 - Series/Parallel Resistors
5F20.65 - Resistor Cube

RC Circuits

5F30.10 - Capacitor and Light Bulb
5F30.20 - RC Time Constant on Scope
5F30.60 - Relaxation Oscillator
5F30.90 - Lamps in Series and Parallel with Capacitor