5N10.40 - Reflections in Coax Cable

Coax reflection


PIRA Classification: 5N10.40

Description: A fast function generator sends a pulse wave down a 30 cm length and 30 m length of coax cable, teed at the scope input (the 30 m cable has a free end). With the cable end open, a reflection is produced (see image 1). If the end is shorted, the reflection is inverted (see image 2). When a 50 ohm terminator is connected to the free end, the reflection is eliminated (see image 3).

Special Instructions: The delay between the two signals is around 280 nsec. This demo cannot be used at the same time as 5N10.30 - Propagation Velocity in Coax Cable.

Condition: Ok.

Setup time: 2 minutes

Safety Issues: None