6H30.80 - Faraday Rotation

Faraday rotation


PIRA Classification: 6H30.80

Description: A linearly polarized laser beam is directed through a solenoid containing a glass sample. Upon exiting the solenoid, the beam passes through a polarizer and shines on a photodetector (the output of which is connected to a multimeter). When current is sent through the coil, the plane of polarization of the laser is rotated by a few degrees. To determine the amount of rotation, the analyzer is rotated until the output of the detector returns to its original value.

Special Instructions: Apply no more than 3 amps to the coil. The plane of polarization should rotate by 5 degrees at 3 amps. The Verdet constant of the sample is 23 radians/Tesla meter.

Condition: Ok

Setup time: 2 minutes

Safety Issues: None